About Me

Karly Stein Founded the Intimacy Connection with the vision to bring more love into the world by helping people learn to love themselves and create powerful intimate relationships with themselves and others. Being a witness of domestic violence early in her life she experienced the results of this trauma from an early age. Through much of her childhood she was scared of men and had a really hard time trusting and opening up to people. It wasn’t till years later that she began the healing process and learned of her talent to help heal others and spread more love into the world. She desires to see a world where people love themselves, show up for life and live authentically.

This adventurous journey started in 2012 when Karly began to sell intimate products to women through parties in a direct sales business. She quickly found that she loved learning everything she could about relationships, sexuality, intimacy and more. Also, that she absolutely loved teaching about it. In 2014, the opportunity to become a passion and intimacy coach. In 2015 she became the host of the online radio show “Dating, Mating and Relating with Karly Stein”. Authored and published the book “101 ideas to create fun and memorable dates in 2016.

Certifications include:

Passion and Intimacy Coach,
Access Bars Practitioner
Intentional Orgasm Facilitator
Relationship Workshop Facilitator
Confidence Life Coach
Happiness Life Coach
Shamanic Life Coach
Group Life Coach
Profession Medium and Angelic Medium