10 Ways to Identify an Online Dating Scam

I had always heard about these online scammers and have even heard stories of women and men who were actually victims. These scammers use your pain and love to get money out of you.  I had only heard stories until recently when I outsmarted a scammer quickly.   The encounter started on Tinder and heRead more

4 Reasons to Keep your Kids off Your Online Dating Profile Pictures

There are probably many more reasons than 4 to not put your kids photos on your online dating profile but these are probably the top three.  We have to remember that our online dating profiles are for us to marketing ourselves to a potential partner.   We also have to notice that the point of having photosRead more

Vibrators are Not Your Competition!

I hear this from men all the time “I can please her better than a vibrator can” “She won’t need that when she’s with me”.  Recently, on a Facebook group page I read  word from a man stating that vibrators were his number one competition. Well here’s the truth…. It’s not a competition!!     MenRead more

Chivalry is Sexy

10 Chivalrous acts you must start using immediately! Pick up the phone and call her when you say you are going to! Women pay attention to this much more than you think and when it happens you are getting brownie points in her mind and when it doesn’t the tick marks for when you doRead more

Yes, I’ve been STOOD UP!

There I was sitting at home on the couch.  I had spent well over an hour getting ready and was looking great.  The date was planned for 6pm he was going to pick me up and we were going to go to dinner and a movie.  I had just heard from him at 5pm soRead more

Stop Saying “I need a Girlfriend/ Boyfriend”

3 Reasons Why You Must Stop Saying “I need a Girlfriend/ Boyfriend” You sound desperate and no one wants to be with someone who is desperate to be in a relationship, because they question if you are just settling for them. It’s keeping you single, sure we all have the needs to love, be loved,Read more