10 Ways to Identify an Online Dating Scam

I had always heard about these online scammers and have even heard stories of women and men who were actually victims. These scammers use your pain and love to get money out of you.  I had only heard stories until recently when I outsmarted a scammer quickly.   The encounter started on Tinder and heRead more

4 Reasons to Keep your Kids off Your Online Dating Profile Pictures

There are probably many more reasons than 4 to not put your kids photos on your online dating profile but these are probably the top three.  We have to remember that our online dating profiles are for us to marketing ourselves to a potential partner.   We also have to notice that the point of having photosRead more

Top 3 Reasons Men Can’t Get to a First Date!

Do you find your online dating pursuit just turn into text buddies? Are you tired of being text buddies? Are you having trouble getting to the first date? I’ve noticed a growing trend of men complaining that women just want to be text buddies and that they are looking for something more.  What I’ve also experiencedRead more

The top 3 reasons nice guys never get the girl

Do you think that nice guys always finish last? They do and the reason is simple. “Nice guys” don’t go after what they want.  Do these questions sound familiar? “When do I get to see you?” “When do you have time for me?” “When can we hang out?” Then if she accepts the next questionRead more

101 Ideas to Create Fun and Memorable Dates

Never stop dating! Whether it’s a first date, a blind date, your anniversary, or your 101st date, ignite the passion in your relationship by exploring the creative and fun-filled dating ideas this book has to offer. Change your mantra, add some spice, and dive back into enjoying the best part of romantic, intimate relationships –Read more