3 Reasons Why I Failed as an Independent Woman

I was raised to be very independent and go after what I wanted. All I knew was this Independent masculine Identity. Well little did I know at the time that this wasn’t true for me or authentic for me. In June of 2014 my life came crashing down, so I thought. When I walked intoRead more

Vibrators are Not Your Competition!

I hear this from men all the time “I can please her better than a vibrator can” “She won’t need that when she’s with me”.  Recently, on a Facebook group page I read  word from a man stating that vibrators were his number one competition. Well here’s the truth…. It’s not a competition!!     MenRead more

Stop Saying “I need a Girlfriend/ Boyfriend”

3 Reasons Why You Must Stop Saying “I need a Girlfriend/ Boyfriend” You sound desperate and no one wants to be with someone who is desperate to be in a relationship, because they question if you are just settling for them. It’s keeping you single, sure we all have the needs to love, be loved,Read more

The Top 3 Reasons Singles can’t find their Perfect Partner

Do you keep attracting the wrong people? Are you playing the dating game and loosing? I was there, I spent years attracting the wrong men and going on some of the worst dates you can imagine.  I had a guy get arrested on a date, another tried to walk out on the bill, the storiesRead more

Recent Testimonial

I recently help a Puja for Women called Healing the Goddess with my friend and colleague Gina Garris.   I wanted to share what one of the participants, Reni Berman, had to say.     I had the pleasure of experiencing a “Puja” the other night.  I have experienced some small and simple one’s goingRead more