I am a Goddess!

Growing up I was criticized for almost everything, especially my weight. I also was one of the first to hit puberty and got picked on a lot because I was one of the first to develop. As a result, I created beliefs and ways of being to protect myself. We all do it when weRead more

The top 3 reasons nice guys never get the girl

Do you think that nice guys always finish last? They do and the reason is simple. “Nice guys” don’t go after what they want.  Do these questions sound familiar? “When do I get to see you?” “When do you have time for me?” “When can we hang out?” Then if she accepts the next questionRead more

Who are you attracting?

I recently heard a story about a woman who was in the hospital fighting for her life. She had been stabbed multiple times by a man she had met through an online dating site. It triggered something in me. If I had continued in the same patterns I held in my early twenties, the storyRead more