I offers bother Individual Coaching and Group Coaching.

Individual Coaching:
Life Coaching is a creative partnership. My role is to guide you toward understanding who you really are, what you truly want, and how to create that vision in your work or service, as well as in your personal relationships. In fact, you might call me an “Authenticity Coach” as my focus is always upon assisting you to align with who you truly are.

I will teach you powerful principles that reveal how life really works. You will develop the skills to create your life instead of reacting to it. The process is fun and practical. Most importantly, it is powerful….and so are you.

Individual Coaching appointments are done by phone or Skype. Some in person sessions are available for those living locally.

Group Coaching:
Group coaching is a wonderful way to deepen a journey to self-discovery and self-development.

By connecting like-minded individuals who yearn for the same heart-pounding happiness, group coaching allows everyone in the room to vibe off one another’s energy. You’ll learn from one another’s failures and triumphs, amplify your self-reliance and trust in others, and find your place within a group who will help shine a light on each other’s journeys.

Group coaching provides a safe space for individuals too work on their fears + self-limiting beliefs, master clear thinking + intentional action and learn from the collective wisdom of a group. By reflecting as a team on challenges, aspirations and goals, you’ll be able to:

  • Break through your blocks to achieve what your soul is truly hungry for
  • Make deep connections with others who crave to be fearless go-getters (and give out countless high-fives!)
  • Be inspirationally challenged by those around you and inspirationally challenge them in return.
  • Take fresh action in your personal life and career.

That means you + your dream life can be together much, much quicker.

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