Stop Saying “I need a Girlfriend/ Boyfriend”

3 Reasons Why You Must Stop Saying “I need a Girlfriend/ Boyfriend”

  1. You sound desperate and no one wants to be with someone who is desperate to be in a relationship, because they question if you are just settling for them.
  1. It’s keeping you single, sure we all have the needs to love, be loved, touch and have our sexual needs met but approaching relationship through need is actually blocking you from meeting that person. Also, need is a very low vibration level and it’s much harder to manifest or attract things out of need.
  1. You’re not actually asking for what you really desire; what you are actually looking for is a relationship, partnership and romantic relationship.  Focus on what you are looking and desire, not what you need.

So how do you make a shift?

You are much more likely to attract a relationship when you are doing it for love. So start focusing on what you love. Take yourself on a dates, practice sacred self-care and operate out of love.
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