Vibrators are Not Your Competition!

I hear this from men all the time “I can please her better than a vibrator can” “She won’t need that when she’s with me”.  Recently, on a Facebook group page I read  word from a man stating that vibrators were his number one competition.

Well here’s the truth…. It’s not a competition!!    

Men offer a lot more to a woman than any vibrator ever can!

The other truth is that usually vibrators do a better job than any person can, so if you are comparing how well she can climax from you vs a vibrator, the vibrator will always be victorious.

10 Reasons why you need to appreciate the vibrator!

  1. Vibrators can be used to spice it up and keep the monotony out of your sex life.
  2. They speed up climax times
  3. Professional Tool for Professional Results! Sid you know vibrators were actually invented because a doctor was too tired from getting women to orgasm form manual stimulation?
  4. Vibrators were actually invented to cure a condition called hysteria.
  5. Can be use on both men and women
  6. The more orgasms she has the more her body wants them, so use that to your advantage!
  7. Vibrators can create more intense orgasms and offer the option for blended orgasms
  8. Vibrators add a third without a third person being there
  9. Women should be having at least 200 orgasms a year to help with heart health and many other health reasons, so vibrators allow her to have 200 orgasms much more easily.
  10. Vibrators are a good alternative when her man isn’t available.

Men provide much more to a woman than a vibrator can!  

Women seek from men: companionship, love, touch, protection and more. All things a vibrator can’t provide and that is why vibrators are not competition for men.  So embrace the vibrator, understand that it is your ally. Have fun and be safe.

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