Yes, I’ve been STOOD UP!

There I was sitting at home on the couch.  I had spent well over an hour getting ready and was looking great.  The date was planned for 6pm he was going to pick me up and we were going to go to dinner and a movie.  I had just heard from him at 5pm so I was confident that the date was still on. Well 6:15 rolls around and nothing so I send a text with no response.  6:30 rolls around and I make a call it goes to Voicemail. As time went by I got past the worry and I realized I was being Stood up!

How was that possible?!?!

I had been talking to this guy for weeks and things were going great we really connected and I was looking forward to this date!   How could he do that to me?

I could’ve spent the rest of the evening getting down on myself and trying to analyze

But then, I realized this was a blessing in disguise!

I had a CHOICE Here!  I could have spent the rest of the evening talking to all my friends about what went wrong, what was wrong with me and how could he have done that to me but instead I chose to believe that I was being protected from something instead.

My next choice was to call up my friend and plan an impromptu night on the dance floor.

You see I used to live a life of self judgement and criticism and a few years ago I would have dwelled on how I screwed this up but no I choose to love me and if someone is going to stand me up then I don’t want to be with them anyway!

We’ve all been there, we’ve been rejected and stood up, and the best way to get over it quickly is to not let it take your power!    Power is choice, you get to choose how you think and feel about the situation.   I recommend choose to love yourself and send love to the person because they probably need it.

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