Goddess Awakened

Are you struggling with life or love?

Do you feel disconnected?

Immerse yourself in a weekend focused on embracing your divine feminine. Learn to heal your divine feminine, embrace your fierce, fabulous, feminine side and create connections with a group of incredible women.

Here is what a few people had to say about our 2018 retreat!

“I have always been told that the gifts I have weren’t real and that I was making things up. Goddess awakened gave me the power to stand up for myself. To know that I am worthy and I am enough. So many times I have been told these things weren’t possible. But who knew getting around some pretty amazing and inspirational women was all that I needed to be able today, to say YES to myself. This weekend changed me for the better and I look forward to many more to come!” Amanda

“I signed up to do Goddess Awakened because I was apart of a FB community group and I kept seeing posts about the upcoming event. I had been searching for a retreat to do with other females but they simply were way outside my price range. I was elated when this retreat fit my budget and I did not hesitate to sign up. The event was everything I never knew I needed. I have been to many retreats, have been to counseling and all of those experiences added together do not amount to the depth of the shift I experienced during the Goddess Awakened event. It NEVER occurred to me that I needed to heal my feminine. Being surrounded by the divine and feminine energy is a POWERFUL thing and is something I believe every woman needs to experience. There is so much healing and growth that comes from this. Goddess Awakened was an amazing event that I truly am eternally grateful for ❤, the shift is real!” -Kendyl

“I have to tell you that last weekend I spent $2000 on a retreat in Sedona Arizona. Money I shouldn’t have spent. But I thought it would be healing. YOUR Retreat has brought more healing and peace into my life than words cannot express! THANK YOU!!!!” Lisa

In 2019 we are expanding to a 2.5 day 2 night retreat. You won’t want to miss this power packed weekend.

Join us September 13th through 15th, 2019.  

You’ll walk away feeling empowered and powerful.

You’ll get in touch with your higher self to really take control of your life.

You’ll be able to embrace the sexy wonderful woman inside and love her.

VIP Ticket includes:

2 night 2.5 day retreat with meals included

Speakers and Activities

Facebook support group

Self Care and Relaxation Box

A commemorative cozy sweatshirt

12 group Coaching Sessions

and More

For only $497 ($2449 Value)

General Admission tickets includes:

2 night 2.5 day retreat with meals included

Speakers and Activities

Facebook support group

For only $347 ($1000 Value)

Karly Stein is the creator of this event and her mission is to help women go from exhausted independent woman to an awakened goddess. She used to believe she had it all being the independent woman till 2014 when her world collapsed in front of her and she realized she wasn’t living authentically, was comfortable in the uncomfortable, tried do it is all by herself and  felt guilty for making herself a priority. Living that way lead to an eviction and near homelessness and she doesn’t want any other woman to feel like they have to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. She is the author of “101 Ideas to Create Fun and Memorable Dates”. She is a love coach and the former host of Dating, Mating and Relating with Karly Stein.  In 2014 she became a passion and intimacy coach in 2014,  in 2018 she became a certified relationship workshop facilitator and certified angelic medium. She most recently completed her confidence life coach certification.

Davida Wright Galvin will be kicking off the Goddess Awakened weekend with Vegas Stiletto Fitness.   This activity is designed to help each women feel sexy and get into their feminine space.  It doesn’t require big stilettos, just bring fun shoes and have a blast.

Mythica von Griffyn is an internationally recognized and award winning body painter and chalk artist.   She appeared as a contestant in the first season of  Netflix’s Skinwars. She’s the Author of “The Dirty Line: One Liner Wisdom Quotes” and “The Mantra: I Love You. I’m Sorry. Please Forgive Me. Thank you.”  As well as the upcoming book “The Power of Pretend” Mythica is a transformational healer who combines her art and spirituality to healing and allowing women to see their bodies as a work of art.

Marilyn Pitchford has been an Intuitive Life Coach specializing in crystal energy work and energy field clearing for 12 years.  During our time together, we will explore fun and expansive activities using the energy of love and energetic crystals to EMBODY YOUR GODDESS.

Embody the Goddess – The Art of Poise & Presence
Have you ever walked into a room and noticed that one woman who is illuminating the room with her presence and it makes you wonder… how come she has it all?  You know what?  You have that same power!  You have within you that “special something” that makes you unforgettable and radiant!  Vanessa Raymond is going to share with you the secrets of Poise and Presence and show you how you can tap into your inner Goddess.  The way you act can change the way you feel and also the way others feel about you!
Jentrey Potter aka “The SHERO” is a best selling author, speaker, Board Certified Holistic Health Coach & Life Coach, FB Live Interview Host of “The SHERO Show”, & creator of the “Be The SHERO” Membership program who empowers women to “Be The SHERO of their own story” by helping women to let go of the cultural expectations that are no longer serving them, and teaching them how to create a new story and way of being. Jentrey’s signature workshop using “The SHERO Rescue Method” will give you a 5 step process that will guide you through overcoming any obstacle that is getting in your way of being the super SHERO you were destined to be.