3 Reasons Why I Failed as an Independent Woman

I was raised to be very independent and go after what I wanted. All I knew was this Independent masculine Identity. Well little did I know at the time that this wasn’t true for me or authentic for me. In June of 2014 my life came crashing down, so I thought. When I walked into a court room to fight an eviction notice and lost. I had to move out of a place I had called home for 11 years in 7 days. I had completely failed as an Independent woman.

1. I believed I had to do it all on my own and thought it was weak to ask for help.
2. I wasn’t able to receive.
3. I never made myself important. Self care was selfish to me.

The universe has mysterious ways of creating change for us. At the same time is when I was accepted into Joanna Kennedy’s coaching program and it forever changed the course of my life. I learned that I was doing life the hard way and wasn’t living in my authentic energy and as a result I was miserable. In addition, I had 7 days to pack up everything so I had to ask for help receive it and learn that it was ok to make myself a priority.

Goddess Awakened is about awakening your inner goddess and igniting her like I have spent the last three years doing. Now it’s time for me to teach the gifts I’ve learned on this journey.

I’m so grateful for the team that’s been assembled to help you too. They have all been part of my journey and I’m excited to share their gifts with you.

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