10 Ways to Identify an Online Dating Scam

I had always heard about these online scammers and have even heard stories of women and men who were actually victims. These scammers use your pain and love to get money out of you.  I had only heard stories until recently when I outsmarted a scammer quickly.  

The encounter started on Tinder and he was good looking but I was a bit concerned with only seeing one picture. (Red Flag)  Then he was quick to move to conversation outside of Tinder, using Kik. (Red Flag)  I played his game and downloaded Kik.   He then proceeded to tell me he was away on Deployment and would be back in November. Then asked if I was ok with that, wanting to test my loyalty.    The conversation continued and I was surprised at how much he wanted to know about me right up front.  Even asking questions and wanting to see pictures about my family.  I played along but held back quite a bit.   He also asked If I was real and if I would love him.  (Red Flags) Then I started asking questions, I asked where he was deployed to, he told me West Africa.  I asked where he was stationed when he was here, He told me Pueblo, CO. (There are no bases in Pueblo) I asked the name of the base he said, American Chemical Military Base.  Really?   Then I asked what his MOS is…. Thank you to my friend Nathan for that question.  He then asked if I was familiar with military, I said Yes and never heard from him again.   

  1. They claim to be away on business or in the military on deployment for an extended period of time.   
  2. Claim to be an American in a foreign country for an extended amount of time.  
  3. They try to find out a lot about you and your family in a way that seems very abrupt.
  4. They ask  “Are you there?” “Are you still around?” when you don’t reply quickly.  
  5. They aren’t very specific when you ask questions
  6. They want to know a lot about your family.  
  7. They test your loyalty and ask right away if you’ll love them, then say things  
  8. They want you to commit to them right away.  
  9. Something feels off about the whole interaction, trust your intuition.   
  10. They want money from you.  (Do not send them money by any means)

So here are some tips to get out of the situation quickly.

  1. Always trust your intuition, if you are seeing a bunch of red flags from the start then abort the mission.  
  2. Don’t be so attached to wanting to be with in a relationship that you don’t see the red flags.
  3. Consult a friend if you think things are weird or off.
  4. Google is your friend, use it to confirm information.  You can even use google image search to the person’s photos.  
  5. Don’t ever send money!   
  6. Love yourself enough to know that you don’t need to send someone money to get love.
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