4 Reasons to Keep your Kids off Your Online Dating Profile Pictures

There are probably many more reasons than 4 to not put your kids photos on your online dating profile but these are probably the top three.  We have to remember that our online dating profiles are for us to marketing ourselves to a potential partner.   We also have to notice that the point of having photos on an online dating profile is for someone to gage if they are sexually attracted to us.

  1. People want to see what YOU look like not your kids. The reason we put pictures on online dating sites is so potential partners can gage the level of sexual attraction to us. So people want to see you, not your kids, not your car, not your pets, not your friends.
  2. Keep your kids protected! Exposing them to anyone on an online dating profile isn’t smart. You are exposing them to a world of people that you have no idea who they are.  Your online dating site is a public page that anyone can see.  This differs from social media because you can choose settings that only allow certain people to see photos.  You may be exposing them to all sorts of predators you are unaware of.   
  3. You may think your kids are cute and it’s a package deal but you also have to establish yourself as an adult who is able to spend time away from your kids. It’s also a smart rule of thumb to introduce your kids into the relationship at a later date; once you’ve vetted the person and know that they are going to stick around.  
  4. You want to show that you are available to date someone, having kids on your online dating profile pictures could send the message that you are too busy for them because you have your kids all the time.

So make sure your pictures are of YOU!  Some close up, some full body pictures from a distance. Show your personality and really let you shine.  It is perfectly ok and appropriate to state that you have kids in your profile and to even send photos in a later conversation or after a first date or two.   

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