10 Tips for dealing with opposite ideologies with your partner.

We live in interesting times, don’t we?

Many of us are taught from early on that it’s not polite to talk about politics or religion, especially on a date.  (We can get into the issue of that at a later time.)  We are living in a time where things are very polarizing and and hidden beliefs are coming to the surface.  So it’s very possible that you have gotten married and realized your ideology and beliefs about life, politics and human rights are completely different from your partners.   Yikes!  How do you handle this?  

I get it, this isn’t easy!  Our political views are a pure reflection of our core values.  So it’s not easy when you are discovering that your partner has beliefs that are the complete opposite of yours.  Additionally, this is emotional for everyone if you are paying attention to what is going on.  

Here are 10 tips for dealing with a difference of opinion when it comes to political ideologies and human rights issues:

  1. Always remember why you got married and why you love your partner.
  2. Also, also show gratitude and and appreciation for your partner.  
  3. Make sure you are keeping your relationship fun, dating, being silly, ect.  
  4. Remember, everything is just someone’s interesting point of view.  
  5. Create a safe space and boundaries for communicating about these sensitive topics.  
  6. Yes, talk about them but let go of any judgement and come to a place of understanding why they think and feel the way they do.   We all come from different experiences and they shape our realities.  
  7. Stay in a place of curiosity.   For example you can ask, “I’m curious, why do you feel that way?” or “I’m curious, what brings you to that conclusion.”
  8. Stay away from name calling and using derogatory language towards your partner.
  9. When things get heated stop and breathe.   It’s really easy to get into our heads when it comes to politics and that is typically where we tend to say the nastiest things.
  10. When resolving a conflict, use I statements “This makes me feel _______________.”  

Always move back to a place of love. Many spiritual experts have stated that we are moving into dark times and for the greater purpose is to heal our society.   In order for something to be healed it has to come to the surface.    So, I’ll say it again Focus on the love!   If its something that you feel you can’t resolve on your own seek help from a therapist or coach.  
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