After my divorce, I ended up in another relationship that ended up destroying more of my mojo. And for the years I’ve been living in victim hood.  Karly Stein is like a 12 Volt Battery, Jump starting my brain and waking me up to the power the lies within me. Power that has been here all along. I needed Karly to hold my feet to the fire, as any good coach will do. If you are having relationship or dating problems, Karly can help.

Gerry L., NYC

I used Karly’s Services and she’s been very helpful besides being a professional. She cares about you as a person and not just a client.  Very easy to talk to and brings out your problems and concerns leading to constructive ideas and solutions. Helped me considerably.


Karly is very attentive with her clients. I absolutely loved how she could challenge my way of thinking , while still validating the emotions that I had . She was understanding and very objective. She has helped me make more progress than several different therapists that I have dealt with for longer periods of time.


I met Karly at a networking event for wealthy women empowering women. She was pleasant and we immediately set up a one on one. In that meeting I felt at ease and she has an amazing energy. She let me know what she does and at that moment I agreed to one session. In that session I felt completely relaxed. She is amazing at helping you to relax. She got me through a tough situation that day and from there I genuinely felt she could help me through my process. Each session with her I become more enlightened and better able to deal/process my emotions as it pertains to my current situation.


Yes. Karly is amazing and she always knows how to help guide to a more positive space and help me stay connected to positive energy.


Karly is a blessing as a coach. She is intuitive and caring. She finds out the problem and issues even when you are not completely aware of what it is. She makes sure your experience is complete and that you feel whole again. When the session is complete you have tools to continue to improve on your life. I would highly recommend her.


Karly Stein was a sensational coach because it felt as if I was comfortably sharing deep and important things with a friend who cared but with the added bonus of talking through these things and finding solutions or ways to work on the things that I need to work on. I am proud to say am already putting things in play and seeing the changes I need and want all around me.