I am a Goddess!

Growing up I was criticized for almost everything, especially my weight. I also was one of the first to hit puberty and got picked on a lot because I was one of the first to develop.

As a result, I created beliefs and ways of being to protect myself. We all do it when we experience traumatic events.

I started to believe I wasn’t good enough.

I would never succeed at anything, to the point where that one played like a record in my subconscious.

I started to diminish my light and make myself small.I started to take on others personalities and create a facade.

I tried to control how the world saw me and received me.

I eventually became so scared of judgement and criticism that I didn’t want to be in this reality anymore. I was fully rejecting this life and it was making it impossible to get out of bed everyday.

I also started to hide; I wore black because it made me look smaller. I put up walls so no one could see the real me. I became so small I no longer knew who the real me was.

Then one day someone asked me, “ Who are you and don’t answer with what you do?” I couldn’t tell her. I had become so lost in my fears that I stuck the real me behind a brick wall and jailed her. It was that question that opened my world of healing that was so needed.

I eventually broke down the brick wall I was hiding behind and let that beautiful light out of the cage.

I started to own who I am and my power.

I started to not care how I was seen or received in the world because I started to LOVE ME!!!

I am no longer rejecting this life.

I am fully embracing everything that comes at me even if I still need a little help from my circle.

I have learned that other judgments are a reflection of them, not me. I am a goddess and fully embrace her!

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